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What is Estate Appraisers Marketing?

It's all about target marketing and timing!

Estate Appraisers Marketing is about targeting the unique appraisal needs of estate executors and probate attorneys... The payoffs are HUGE!

Tapping into a Trillion Dollar Industry

Those appraisers who understand and apply their skills in this niche area probate marketing are tapping into a inexhaustible supply of high quality appraisal clients. It is estimated that 6 million estates go through the probate (inheritance) process each year. It is not uncommon, for an estate to require 3-4 or more asset appraisals (real estate, antiques, personal property, etc).

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With the aging of the "baby boom" generation trillions of dollars in real estate pass through probate and estate settlement process annually, regardless of economic conditions.

To tap into this niche market estate appraisers need:

  • A comprehensive marketing plan & strategy
  • An education on probate terms and process
  • Leverage (a marketing advantage)
  • A commitment to excellence

Create An Estate Appraiser Marketing Plan

Appraisers should apply a comprehensive strategy to achieve success with their probate marketing plan. The plan should focus on the specific steps in the process.

Steps in the appraiser marketing plan are;

  • probate client identification 
  • client acquisition
  • client development

Management skills are required to guide the maximum number of high quality probate listings through each step in the probate marketing plan.

Client Acquisition - Find a way to identify a fresh batch of probate appraisal clients. One option is to search county records to identify estates going through the probate process. Another method is to join a  organization that specializes in this area and can market for you.  

Get an Education in Probate Terms and Process

The probate process is dominated by attorneys who specialize in estate administration law. Additionally, the laws and and procedures that govern the probate process are state specific.

Don't be intimidated by the process (like your competitors are) get educated. To achieve professional acceptance from estate attorneys and accountants the appraiser should fully learn:

Leverage - Cranking up a large volume of leads

To initiate the process it is critical to think BIG!   If you are a appraiser targeting market probate listings then you are leaving 99% of your local competition behind. 

Since you will achieve a "SPECIALIST" status in the marketplace, you can easily broaden your geographical footprint to service a huge market. 

Their are estate appraiser specialists that serve entire states and focus on hundred of thousands of potential clients. With this approach, you are leaving the "old ways" of a small fish in a small pond behind, forever!

By building a quality reputation as estate appraiser specialist with probate attorneys, realtors and other professionals you will be building a referral pipeline that will last a lifetime.

The Pay Off - Breaking away from the pack

The pay off of success in the estate appraiser industry is big.  The market value of probate real estate hitting the market each day is staggering. Armed with your new found knowledge of the probate process and a well structured marketing plan you will face little to no competition.

There is no greater target market program that offers such precise timing for appraisers to help attorneys and estates to appraise real estate and personal property. 

Brian B. French
CEO, Estate Appraiser Division (813) 944-3190

Power of the internet !

Million of estate executors  each year use the Internet to get information on probate subjects.

Advertising on some of these leading sites offers easy entry into this lucrative marketing niche.

Our master site receives over 1/4 million estate executor visitors each year! 

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Find a limitless supply of estate appraisals; locally and regionally.

Create a marketing and services plan to maximize the conversion ratio of these leads to appraisal clients.

Receive training on how to build a stream of referrals from estate attorneys and bank trust departments. (we have over 25 years experience in the field).

Network with other probate professionals; through long term "Win - Win" marketing strategies.

Join an exclusive online marketing directory that receives over 20,000 page views a month from estate executors. We also have 5 additional probate related sites!

Separate yourself from the pack of competition! Dominate your market!

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